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   BROADSIDE Cincinnati Slavery folio
   Geo. S. Bennett United States Deputy Marshall. Let the public mark this man... Commissioner Pendery has declared that his court room is a free one, that all citizens who are willing to deport themselves quietly, are at liberty to enter. Yet in the face of this, George S. Bennett declares with profane and insulting emphasis, that "no damned niggers" are to be admittted and the ruffian crowd who have deserted their proper duty as city policemen, to aid him in his degrading work of slave catching, stand ready to insult and maltreat native tax payers who desire to enter the court room, as is their right. ...We hope you will not fill the measure of your shame by permitting a woman who deserves immortality, to be dragged to that slavery she dreads worse than death. Great God!! what a blot on our nation that men and women should seek in the gallows, a refuge from that slavery to which our laws threaten to consign them.
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