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Pardon of R. B. Stalker, March 31, 1862

In this document dated March 31, 1862 Abraham Lincoln granted a full and unconditional pardon to Private R. B. Stalker of the 19th New York Volunteers. Stalker was sentenced to two and a half years in the Penitentiary of the District of Columbia. Secretary of State William Seward also signed this document.

From the CMC Manuscript Collection: Mss fA939p RFM.

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Abraham Lincoln,
President of the United States of America,
To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting:

Whereas, it appears that Private, R. B. Stalker,
of Company A. 19th New York Volunteers, was
sentenced to be dishonorably discharged from
the military service of the United States, and was
then committed to the Penitentiary of the District
of Columbia for two years and six months;-

[Text missing]

Secretary of War and Major General McClellan,
have recommended the pardon of the said
R. B. Stalker;-

Now therefore, be it known, that
I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the
United States of America, in consideration of
the premises, have granted and do hereby
grant unto him, the said R. B. Stalker, a
full and unconditional pardon.

In testimony whereof, I have
hereunto signed my name and caused the
Seal of the United States to be affixed.

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