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Letter from Abraham Lincoln to William Nast, Oct. 31, 1864

Lincoln sent this letter to Rev. William Nast (1807-1899) on October 31, 1864 in response to Nast's letter discussing resolutions passed at the first meeting of the Central German Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. These resolutions endorsed Lincoln, condemned the rebellion, and called for the end of slavery. In 1835 Nast had been appointed German Methodist missionary to Cincinnati to serve the growing German population. Nast was a strong abolitionist who was considered by many to be the father of German Methodism in the United States.

From the CMC Manuscript Collection: Mss VF 4328.

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Executive Mansion,
Washington, October 31st, 1864

Reverend & Dear Sir:
It is with feelings of cordial grat-
-ification, that I acknowledge the reception of your
communication of the 20th of October, covering the Reso-
-lutions of the Central German Conference of the Meth-
-odist Episcopal Church, adopted at their recent session.

I have not been unprepared for this definite and
unequivocal statement of the continued loyalty and
devotion of the Church you represent, to the free in-
-stitutions of the country of your adoption.
The conduct of your people since the outbreak of
this desolating rebellion, has been the best proof of the
sincerity of your present professions.

I trust it is not too early for us to rejoice
together over the promise of the speedy removal of that
blot upon our civilization, always heretofore a standing
menace to our peace and liberties, whose destruc-
-tion, so long desired by all friends of impartial

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