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Letter from Abraham Lincoln to William Dungy, Nov. 2, 1859

In this November 2, 1859 letter, written in Springfield, Illinois, Lincoln advised William Dungy on legal matters concerning a mortgage. He discussed the payment of notes on a mortgage and asked Dungy to "write again." Dungy, a resident of Franklin County, Illinois, received another letter about the matter from Lincoln on November 21, 1862.

From the CMC Manuscript Collection: Whelpley Autograph Collection, Mss qW567 RM.

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Letter to Dungy

Springfield, Nov. 2, 1859

William Dungy, Esq

Dear Sir

Yours of Oct. 27 is received.
When a mortgage is given to secure two
notes, and one of the notes is sold and
assigned, if the mortgaged premises are
only sufficient to pay one note, the one
assigned will take all –
Also, an executor, from a judgment
on the assigned note, may take it all;
it being the same thing in substance.
There is redemption on execution sales
from the U.S. court, just as from
any other court –
You did not mention the names of
the plaintiff or defendant in the
suit; and so I can tell nothing
about it, as to sales, bids, etc.–

Write again – Yours etc
A. Lincoln

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