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Letter from Abraham Lincoln to General Cassius M. Clay, Sept. 14, 1862

Major General Cassius M. Clay (1810-1903) went to the White House in September 1862 bearing orders he had received to go to New Orleans. The President wrote this letter to Clay on September 14, 1862 telling him not to proceed to New Orleans until Clay heard from him again.

From the CMC Manuscript Collection: Cist Family Papers, Mss qC579.

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Letter to Clay

Executive Mansion,
Washington, Sep. 14, 1862

Major General C. M. Clay

My dear Sir:

You need not
proceed to New. Orleans, until
you hear from me again-. I have
an understanding with the Secre=
tary of War, and Gen. Halleck
on this subject—

Yours truly
A. Lincoln

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