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Letter from Abraham Lincoln to Salmon P. Chase, May 16, 1861

In this May 16, 1861 letter, Lincoln asked Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase (1808-1873) to send him commissions for David Webb and George Denison (1833-1866). Denison, the son of Chase’s cousin, was a lawyer and served during the Civil War as acting surveyor of customs at New Orleans. Salmon P. Chase had hoped to secure the 1860 Republican nomination for president, but lost to Lincoln. After the election, Lincoln appointed his former rival to his cabinet as secretary of the treasury. He lived in Cincinnati for many years and was a U.S. senator from Ohio, governor of Ohio, and the sixth chief justice of the United States. He is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati.

From the CMC Manuscript Collection: Mss VF 3017.

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Letter to Chase

Executive Mansion
May 16, 1861

Hon. Sec. of the Treasury

My dear Sir

I have not, at all, con-
sidered the qualifications of appli=
cants for Appraiserships at New –
York – Mr. David Webb seems to
understand that he has no oppo=
sition for one of the places –
If this is so, or, in any event,
if you wish to appoint him, send
me the Commission –
Also send me Commission
for George Dennison, as Naval
Officer – This last I shall have
to do, and I may as well
do it at once.

Yours truly
A. Lincoln

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