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The White House in 1864
The White House in 1864

Highlights from 1864:

March 9 - Lincoln appointed General Ulysses Grant to command all of the armies of the United States.

June 12 - Battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia.

June 15 - Arlington National Cemetery was established.

August 22 - First Geneva Convention was held and the American Red Cross was formed.

August 29 - George McClellan nominated for president by Democrats to challenge the incumbent Lincoln in November.

September 2 - Union General Sherman captured Atlanta.

November 8 - Abraham Lincoln was re-elected president.

Lincoln Originals:

Letter to Chase Letter from Abraham Lincoln to
Salmon P. Chase, May 3, 1864
Letter to Nast Letter from Abraham Lincoln to
William Nast, Oct. 31, 1864
1864 Ballot 1864 Presidential Campaign
Sample Ballots