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African Americans have played a vital role in the history of Greater Cincinnati. Their struggles for freedom, equality, justice, opportunity and recognition have taken place and continue to take place in our streets, homes, churches, schools, governments and workplaces. African Americans are woven into every fabric of Cincinnati’s rich historical tapestry; however, their part in our region’s history is seldom told or heard. The Guide to African American Resources at the Cincinnati History Library and Archives is a preliminary research tool to help uncover the important part played by African Americans in Greater Cincinnati’s history.

The Guide covers selected 19th and 20th century resources held by the Cincinnati History Library and Archives dealing with African Americans in the Greater Cincinnati area. Included are many books, periodicals, theses, photographs, manuscript collections and historical objects. For complete holdings, researchers should visit the Library and consult the online and card catalogs for additional items. The Library’s collections contain more resources on African Americans than was practical to incorporate here. For example, the Library also has materials that discuss African American issues on the state and national level.
Description of the Guide

The Guide is organized by subject categories, such as education, housing, and sports. Within these categories, the Guide provides basic information about numerous individuals and institutions in brief sketches and then goes on to list resources available for further research. Links to the Library's online catalog records give specific information about the resources. Some of the resources overlap subject areas and may be found in more than one category.

The alphabetical index will assist in quickly finding a specific name, organization, or place, while the chronological index will direct the researcher to resources from a particular year or span of years.
Researchers are encouraged to consult the sources listed in this Guide to learn more about a particular person or topic. Access to these resources is available through the Cincinnati History Library and Archives.


High school and college students will find this Guide an excellent place to begin their quest for knowledge about Greater Cincinnati's African American history. The Guide will also assist general researchers working on a variety of historical projects.

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New Materials

Because the Guide is a web-based product, it is designed to be updated on a regular basis. Researchers are encouraged to check back often for additional entries and information.


This Guide was made possible by a generous grant from the KnowledgeWorks Foundation, whose vision and mission is to further “universal access to educational opportunities for individuals to achieve success and for the betterment of society” and “increase the number of people who value and access education by removing barriers to educational opportunity.” Grant support for projects such as this Guide is one way the Foundation carries out its mission.

This Guide has been created and updated through the work of many dedicated people at the Cincinnati History Library and Archives, Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. They include:

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