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Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
  Mt. Moriah Baptist Church was the first church established in Lincoln Heights, Ohio. Organized in 1925 by a small group of people, the congregation began worshiping under a temporary shelter, called a "bush harbor." A bad storm destroyed the shelter and the early church records that were stored there.  
Over the next couple years, there was a succession of pastors who held services in a variety of places. In 1927 the church's first permanent building was constructed on land donated by the Livingston Land Company. The first service in the new building was held  by Rev. Wise, the fourth pastor of Mt. Moriah, on October 20, 1927.
Rev. Charles Wesley was the sixth pastor and served from 1932 until his death in 1964. During his pastorate, Rev. Wesley organized the Gospel Chorus, the Bible Study Group, Ever Ready Club, and the Pastor's Chorus.
Rev. James W. Jones was called to Mt. Moriah to be its seventh pastor. He preached his first sermon there on March 28, 1965 and was installed as pastor a couple months later. He served Mt. Moriah for 32 years. Under Rev. Jones' leadership, old clubs were reorganized and new programs were started. The church was able to liquidate mortgages, settle liens, purchase pews, repair the roof and build an addition. The congregation also supported the construction of the Oak Park Apartment complex, which provides low cost housing in Lincoln Heights. The apartment complex was opened in May 1972.
There have been several groups that have split off from Mt. Moriah and formed other churches in Lincoln Heights. The first group left in 1926 and formed Byrd Street Baptist Church. A second group left in 1951 and established Tabernacle Baptist Church.

To learn more about Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, consult the following resources:

Rev. James Wesley Jones Papers, 1961-1979
Mss 938
This collection contains correspondence, clippings, notes, printed materials and other items pertaining to Rev. James W. Jones and his involvement in Cincinnati's African American community. It includes materials about Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, the Cincinnati chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Black Cultural Productions, Inc., and the Cincinnati Human Relations Panel. For More information, please consult the collection register available in the Library.   Request slip

Sources Used for Historical Sketch:
  • Rev. James Wesley Jones Papers, 1961-1979, Mss 938, Cincinnati History Library and Archives, Cincinnati Museum Center.


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