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Guide to African American Resources
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Abolition & Abolitionists - 1,    2,    3,    4,    5,    6,    7,    8,    9,    10,    11 
Adjunct professor
Affirmative action
African American Historical Ball
African American National Biography - 1,    2,    3,    4 
African American Studies
African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church - 1,    2 
Alabama Colored Normal School
Alcorn A&M College
Allan, William T.
Allen, Richard, Rev. - 1,    2 
Allen Temple A.M.E. Church - 1,    2 
Alternative school program
Amateur Athletic Union
America's First Black Socialist
American Anti-slavery Society - 1,    2 
American Bible Society
American Civil Liberties
American Colonization Society
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
And They Came
Applause Magazine
Arnett, Benjamin
Art, Literature and Music
Artists in Ohio, 1787-1900
Arts Consortium of Cincinnati
Atlanta, Georgia
Augman, William Joseph - 1,    2 
Austin, Helen Elsie
Avery, Charles
Avondale - 1,    2 
Bailey, Gamaliel
Baker, Clarissa
Ball, J. P. - 1,    2 
Barber - 1,    2 
Basie, Count
Baskin, John
Battle, Kathleen
Baumer, Terri
Beaver, Joseph T.
Beecher, Henry Ward
Beecher, Lyman
Bell, Peter
"Belmont" mansion
"The Belmont Murals in the Taft Museum"
Bene Israel Synagogue
Bennett, George S.
Berry, Gail Estelle
Berry, Theodore M.
Better Housing League
Beyond the River
Birney, James G.- 1,    2,    3,    4 
Birney, James G., Jr.
Birney, William - 1,    2 
Bishop, Robert
Black Brigade - 1,    2 
Black Church in America - 1,    2 
Black Directory
Black Elected Democrats of Ohio
"Black Laws" - 1,    2 
Black Struggle for Desegregated Quality Education
Blackwell, Ken
Blanton, John
Blivens, Allen L., Jr.
Bloom Junior High School
Blue Triangle Club
B'nai B'rith Anti-defamation League
Boarding rooms
Bond Hill - 1,    2 
Bond, Howard and Ruby
Boone County, Kentucky
Booth family
Booth, L. Venchael, Rev.
Bowen, William
Bowling alley attendant
Braddock, Carol
Brill, Ruth Carol
British Isles
Brodie, Phillip, Rev.
Bronson vs. Board of Education
Brown vs. Board of Education
Brunswick, Maine
Building of a Black Industrial Suburb
Bunch-Lyons, Beverly A.
Bureau of Governmental Research
Bus boy
Bushnell, Horace

Calkins, David L.
Calvary Baptist Church
Camp councilor
Campbell, Rev.
Canada - 1,    2 
Carter, President
Cary, Freeman
Case worker
Casey, Edmund
Centennial History of Cincinnati and Representative citizens
Central State University
Chadwick, Bruce
Channing, William E.
Charles, Ezzard
Chase, Salmon P. - 1,    2 
Chicago, Illinois
Christ Church
Cincinnati Anti-Tuberculosis League
Cincinnati Black Business Directory
"Cincinnati Cobra"
Cincinnati Community Chest
Cincinnati Daily Chronicle
Cincinnati Daily Commercial
Cincinnati Daily Gazette - 1,   2 
Cincinnati Enquirer
Cincinnati Gazette
Cincinnati Health Department
Cincinnati Herald
Cincinnati Human Relations Commission - 1,    2,    3,     4,    5 
Cincinnati Legal Aid Office
Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority
Cincinnati Model Homes Inc.
Cincinnati Opera
Cincinnati Public Landing
Cincinnati Public Schools - 1,   2 
Cincinnati Reds
Cincinnati Regional Crime Committee
Cincinnati Tigers
Cincinnati’s Black Peoples
Cincinnati's Colored Citizens
Cincinnati's Over-The-Rhine
Citizen's Transportation Committee
City-community relations
City Council - 1,    2,    3,    4 
City Hall
City Manager's award
City Solicitor
Civil Rights
Civil War
Clark, Michael
Clark, Peter H. - 1,    2 
Clarke, Ray E.
Clement, Vera
Clermont County, Ohio
Cliff Mine, Lake Superior
Clinton, President
Coffin, Levi - 1,    2 
Coffey, Virginia
Colby, Isaac
Cole, Thomas
Colerain expressway
Colerain Township, Ohio
College Conservatory of Music
College Hill - 1,    2 
College Hill Forum
College Hill Historical Society
Collins, Mississippi
Colored Industrial School of Cincinnati
Colored Man in the Methodist Episcopal Church
Colored Public Schools - 1,    2 
Commemorative Book of the Dedication Services of Greater New Light Baptist Church
Commission on Aging
Community Action Commission - 1,   2 
Community Action Programs
Community Chest
Community Health and Welfare Council
Community Leaders
Community Steering Committee for Indigent Defense
Coney Island - 1,    2 
Confederate Army
Corryville: A Neighborhood of Transition
Covington, Kentucky
Councill, William Hooper
Crime - 1,    2 
Crusader in Crinoline
Cutter Street

Dabney, Wendell P.
Dale, C. Gregory
Dance and drama
Dandridge, Raymond G.
Danville, Kentucky
Davis Collection of Raymond Dandridge Photographs
Day care
Death threats
Democrat - 1,    2,    3 
Department of Aging
Detroit, Michigan
Devine, W. J.
Dialogue [TV program]
Dickson, William Martin
Dictionary of American Biography
Diocese of Southern Ohio
Doll talks
Donaldson, C.
Dorsey, Tommy
Douglass, Frederick - 1,    2 
Douglass School
Drug prevention program
Dumond, Dwight L.
Duncanson, Charles
Duncanson, John Dean
Duncanson, Lucy Nickles
Duncanson, Robert S.
Earle, Thomas
Early Ohio settlers
East Vocational High School
Educated Pioneers
Education - 1,    2,    3 
Education of Negroes in Ohio
Educational Development of Blacks in Cincinnati
Edwards, Vera
Eighth Street - 1,    2 
Election of judges
Elementary school - 1,    2 
Ellington, Duke
Elmore, F. H.
The Emergence of the African-American Artist: Robert S. Duncanson
Employment bureau
Encyclopedia of the Underground Railroad
Episcopal Church - 1,    2 
Evansville, Indiana
Every Voice Counts!
Ezzard Charles Drive
Fayette, New York
Fee, Robert
Fellowship House of Cincinnati
Ferguson, Henry F.
Fields, Annie
First Baptist Church of Walnut Hills
First Baptist Church of West College Hill
Fitzhugh, Elizabeth
Fladeland, Betty
Fleeing for Freedom
Foraker, Thomas
Forest Park, Ohio
Fotterall, Benjamin F.
Fountain Square South
Fourth Street
Frederick Douglass School
Free African Society (FAS)
Freedom's Struggle
Freight cars
Friason, Lawrence
Friendly Service Bureau
Front Line of Freedom
Fugitive slave - 1,    2,    3,    4,    5,    6 
Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 - 1,    2 
Fugitive Slaves and the Underground Railroad in the Kentucky Borderland
Gaines, Archibald
Gaines High School
Gaines, John Isom
Gaines, John Pollard
Gaines, Leslie Isaiah
Gallipolis, Ohio - 1,    2 
Gamblin, John
Gammon Theological Seminary
Gara, Larry
Garner, Cilla
Garner, Margaret
Garner, Mary
Garner, Robert
Garrison, William Lloyd
Gary, Indiana
General Electric
General Resources
Giovanni, Nikki
Glendale, Ohio
Glenwood Avenue
Grand Opening and Dedication of the New Zion Baptist Church
Grant, Cheryl
Grant, Ulysses S., family
Granville, Ohio
Greater New Light Baptist Church
Green, Beriah
Greene Line
Greenhills, Ohio
Greve, Charles Theodore
Griffler, Keith P.
Hagedorn, Ann
Hagood, L. M.
Hall, Frank A.B.
Hall, Joseph
Hamilton County assistant prosecuting attorney
Hamilton County Democratic Party
Hamilton County Welfare Advisory Board
Hamilton County Welfare Department
Harmon, Chuck
Harriet Beecher Stowe: A Life
Harriet Beecher Stowe School
Harris, Adeline
Hartford, Connecticut
Haverstock, Mary Sayre
Haviland, Laura S.
Hawkins, Lawrence
Head Start
Health and Medicine - 1,    2 
Health care reform
Health Clubs in Action
Hedrick, Joan D.
Hendrick, George and Willene
Henry Lewis
Herman, Woody
Highway inspector
His Promised Land
History of Negro Education in the Cincinnati Public Schools
Home furlough program
Home page
Horstman, Barry M.
House painting
House Select Committee on Health Care Reform
House Select Committee on Technology
Housing - 1,    2,    3 
Housing Migration of Black Cincinnatians
Howard University - 1,    2 
Hubbard, William DeHart
Hudson, J. Blaine
Hudson River School
Hunster, Richard L.
Huntsville, Alabama - 1,    2 
Immanuel Lutheran Church
In the Shadows: Cincinnati's Black Baseball Players
Institutional Racism
Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Committee
International Boxing Hall of Fame
Island Queen
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Charles C.
Jackson, Nellie Foster
Jobs Corps
"John P. Parker: Black Abolitionist Entrepreneur"
Johns, Joseph
Johnson, James W.
Johnson, Lyndon
Jones, James W., Rev.
Judge - 1,    2,    3 
Justice of the Peace
Juvenile court
Juvenile delinquency
Katz, Wendy Jean
Kennedy Heights, Ohio
Kentucky Anti-slavery Society
Kenyon-Barr - 1,    2 
Kesterman, M'Lissa
Ketner, Joseph D., II
King, James, Rev.
King, Martin Luther, Jr. - 1,    2 
Knepp, Gary L.
KnowledgeWorks Foundation
Koehler, Lyle - 1,    2 
Kool Jazz Festival
Kornbluh, Andrea Tuttle
Kuykendall, N.
Land of the Lotus Eaters
Landscape painter
Lane Theological Seminary
Langsam, Walter
Lawyer - 1,    2,    3,    4,    5,    6 
Lee, Burgis
Legal Aid
Levi Coffin, Quaker
Lexington, Kentucky
Liberal Republican Party
Liberty Party
Life and Letters of Harriet Beecher Stowe
Life of Harriet Beecher Stowe
Lifting the Veil: The Emergence of the African-American Artist
Lincoln Heights, Ohio - 1,    2 
Lincoln Park Drive
Lind, Jenny
Links, Inc.
Litchfield, Connecticut
Little Wooden Church on a Hill
Lockland, Ohio
Longworth, Nicholas
Look Where the Lord Has Brought Us From
Louis, Joe
Louisville and Cincinnati Packet Company
Louisville, Kentucky
Love, William
Lovelace, William N.
Ludlow, James C.
Madison, Indiana
Majority Floor Leader
Mallory Center for Community Development
Mallory, Dale
Mallory, Dwane
Mallory, Fannie
Mallory, Joe
Mallory, Leslie
Mallory, Mark
Mallory, William L., Jr.
Mallory, William L., Sr.
Manggrum, Loretta
Manley, Robert E.
Manufacturing facilitator
Marshall, James B.
Martin, Ebenezer
Martin Luther King Dream Keeper award
Marva Collins Preparatory School
Massachusetts, 54th Regiment
May, Samuel
Maylin, Thomas
Maysville, Kentucky
Mayor of Cincinnati
Mayor's Friendly Relations Committee - 1,    2 
McDowell, Agatha
McCall, Sallie J.
McClain, R. P., Dr.
McClain, William A.
McGinnis, Frederick A.
McKay, Bob
Meggitt, Brian L.
Melendy, John
Melrose Y.M.C.A.
Mental health
Methodist Episcopal Church - 1,    2,    3 
Metro History Fair
Metropolitan C.M.E. Church
Miami, Florida
Migration - 1,    2,    3 
Migration and Racial Changes in Bond Hill and Kennedy Heights
Military Service
Miller, Glenn
Miracle of Olivet
Modern Medea
Monroe, Michigan
Montgomery Road
Montreal, Canada
Morrison, Toni
Moscow, Ohio
Mound Street
Mt. Healthy, Ohio - 1,    2 
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
Mt. Vernon, Ohio
Municipal court judge - 1,    2,    3 
My Eyes Have Seen the Glory
Mysteries of Ohio's Underground Railroads
NAACP Cincinnati Chapter - 1,   2 
NAACP Ohio Committee for Civil Rights Legislation
National Boxing Association
National Conference of State Legislatures Award for Leadership
National Council of Christians and Jews
National Highway Safety Advisory Committee
National Interracial Conference
Negro Baseball League
Negro Business Directory
Negro Civic Welfare Association
Negro Opportunities in Cincinnati
Nelson, Arzell
New Orleans, Louisiana - 1,    2 
New Richmond, Ohio - 1,    2 
Newport, Kentucky
Newspaper boy
Nicholes, Walter McKinley
Ninth Street Hi Y Club
Ninth Street YMCA
NIP Magazine
Njema Magazine
Non-violent prisoners
North Avondale
North Crescent Avenue
Oak Avenue School
Office of Economic Opportunity
Office of War Information
Ohio American Anti-slavery Society
Ohio Anti-slavery Society - 1,    2 
Ohio Bar
Ohio Civil Rights Commission
Ohio Elections Commission
Ohio Enterprise
Ohio General Assembly
Ohio House of Representatives - 1,    2 
Ohio Lottery
Ohio State University
Ohio Welfare Council
Old Hopewell High School
Olivet Baptist Church
One Hundred and Twenty-Two Years of Service
100 Who Made a Difference
Opera singer
Organizations and Associations
Oxley, Lucy, Dr.
Page, Wilber A., Rev.
Painting and glazing
Palace Hotel
Parham, Hartwell and Marjorie - 1,    2 
Parker, Dave
Parker, John P.
Penn, I. Garland
People and Events in the History of Cincinnati's Negroes
Perry, Moses L.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Philanthropist - 1,    2,    3 
Photo credits for title page
Photographer - 1,    2 
Pierce, Michael
Pih, Richard W.
Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Packet Company
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Playfair, Thomas
Political Science
Poor People's March on Washington
Porter - 1,    2 
Porter, Jennie D. - 1,    2,    3 
Portrait of a Mother and Daughter
Portsmouth, Ohio - 1,   2 
Posey, Melvin
Post Office Superintendent
Powell, Lavatus
Powell, Thomas
Power, Esther H. M.
Powers, Hiram
Price, Rees E.
Pride Magazine
Profile of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
Profiles in Black History
Progressive National Baptist Convention
Proportional representation
Protestant Scout Committee
Public Health Federation
Public schools
Public transportation
Pugh, Achilles
Putnam, Ohio
Queen City Vocational School
Race and the City
Race in Cincinnati
Race Relations
Radio talk show host
Rankin, John - 1,    2,    3 
Ransohoff, Daniel J.
Reapportionment of legislative districts
Recreation - 1,    2 
Regionalism and Reform: Art and Class Formation in Antebellum Cincinnati
Reminiscences of Levi Coffin
Republican - 1,    2 
Revelation Baptist Church - 1,    2 
Reverend John Rankin
Rhodes, Ida Mae
"Richard L. Hunster and His Photographs of Cincinnati Steamboats"
Ripley, Ohio
Ritchie, Andrew
River Jordan
Riverfront Stadium
Robert S. Duncanson "the spiritual striving of the freedmen's sons"
Robertson, Oscar
Roselawn Baptist Church
Safe passage
Safety inspector
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
St. Louis, Missouri
St. Paul Baptist Church
Sales representative
School board member
School segregation/desegregation - 1,    2 
Schools - 1,    2,    3 
Sells, Doris and Halloway
Semi-Colon Club
Senior citizens
Sesh Communications
Sherman, Jack, Jr.
Shoemaker Clinic
Shoemaker, Michael M.
Shoemaker, Richard M.
Shriver, Sargent
Shuttlesworth, Fred L., Rev.
Siebert, Wilbur Henry
"The Siege of Cincinnati"
Silver Anniversary, 1952-1977: Dr. L. Venchael Booth
Silver pitcher
Simon, William
Simpson, Benjamin
Simurda, Stephen J.
Skills Bank
Social Conditions
Social work
Society for the Promotion of Useful Knowledge
The Soldier, the Battle, and the Victory
Sonntag, William L.
Spencer, Donald - 1,    2 
Spencer, Donald, Jr.
Spencer, Edward A.
Spencer, Lilly Martin
Spencer, Marian A.
Sports - 1,    2 
Springdale, Ohio
Springfield Township, Ohio
State representative
Status of the Negro in Industry and Occupational Opportunities in Cincinnati
Steele Subdivision
Stern, Joseph S., Jr.
Stowe, Calvin E.
Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Stowe School
Struggle for Quality Desegregated Education beyond the Alternative School Program
Subject Categories
SuccessGuide Cincinnati/Dayton
Suggs, Frederick T., Sr. - 1,    2,    3 
Swifton Commons Mall
Taft, Bob
Taft, Charles P., II
Taft Museum of Art
Tappan, Lewis
Taylor, Bushrod
Taylor, Henry Louis - 1,   2 
Taylor, Nikki
Temple, Ronald
Tennyson, Alfred
Tentative Program for Reducing Negro Crime in Cincinnati
Testimonial Banquet Honoring the Reverend L. Venchael Booth
Theater parties
Thirty-One Years of Ministry
Thomas Cole National Historic Site
Thomas, Timothy
Thomas, Wesley
Thome, James A.
Thompson, Delores
Toward Interracial Cooperation
Traveling the Underground Railroad
Tri-State Talk Magazine
Trinity Missionary Baptist Church
Trotter, Joe William
Tucker, Louis J.
Turpeau, Evva Friason
Tuskegee Airmen
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Underground Railroad
The Union
Union Army
Union Baptist Cemetery
Union Baptist Church - 1,    2 
United Black Association
University of Cincinnati - 1,    2,    3,    4 
University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees - 1,    2 
University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Uptown Towers
Urban League Guild
Urban League of Greater Cincinnati - 1,    2 
Urban Minority Alcohol Drug Outreach Program
Urban renewal - 1,    2,    3 
USO (United Service Organizations)
Van Tine, Warren
Vance, Jeannette Mahoney
Varney, Thomas
Vice Mayor - 1,    2 
Vicksburg, Mississippi
View of Cincinnati, Ohio from Covington, Kentucky
Walcott, Jersey Joe
Walker, Maggie L.
Wallace, Lew, General
Walnut Hills - 1,    2,    3    4,    5,    6,    7 
Walnut Hills High School
War Chest
Washington, D.C. - 1,    2 
Washington, Michael
Watson, Samuel
Way, Frederick, Jr.
Way We Were: The Magnificent Loser
Weeks, Louis
Weisenburger, Steven
Weld, Theodore D.
Welfare - 1,    2,    3 
West College Hill
West End - 1,     2,    3,     4,    5,    6 
West End Colored Women’s Health Club
West End Community Council
Western Female Seminary
Westmoreland, Carl
Wheeler, Lonnie
Whittredge, Thomas Worthington
Wilberforce College
Willey, Larry Gene
William Howard Taft Americanism Award of the Anti-Defamation League
Williams, Frances
Wilson, Forrest
Wilson, Samuel and Sally
Winchester, Virginia
WLW Radio
Wohlgemuth, E. Jay
Woman's City Club - 1,    2 
Woman's Life Work
Woodford County, Kentucky
Woodlawn, Ohio
Woodward High School - 1,    2 
Workingmen's Party
World Heavyweight Boxing Champion
World War I
World War II - 1,    2 
Wynn, Jim
Wyoming Colony School
Wyoming, Ohio - 1,    2 
Xenia, Ohio
Yannessa, Mary Ann
Yeamans, Charles E.
YMCA - 1,    2,     3,    4,    5 
Zanesville, Ohio
Zeigler, Penn - 1,    2 
Zion Baptist Church - 1,    2,    3    4 

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1780s-1950s   River Jordan: African American Urban Life in the Ohio Valley
1785-1945   The Building of a Black Industrial Suburb : The Lincoln Heights, Ohio Story
  Cincinnati's Black Peoples : A Chronology and Bibliography
1789-1980s   Corryville: A Neighborhood of Transition
1792-1857   James G. Birney
1800-1969   People and Events in the History of Cincinnati's Negroes
1800-1977   The Educational Development of Blacks in Cincinnati from 1800 to the Present
1802-1841   The Negro in Cincinnati, 1802-1841
1810s-1865   The Underground Railroad
1811-1896   Harriet Beecher Stowe
1816-1956   The Education of Negroes in Ohio
1820-1970   Race and the City: Work, Community, and Protest in Cincinnati, 1820-1970
1822-1839   Methodist Episcopal Church records
1824-present   Allen Temple A.M.E. Church
1825-1904   J. P. Ball
1826-1964   History of Negro Education in the Cincinnati Public Schools
1829-1925   Peter H. Clark
1831-present   Union Baptist Church
1834-1858   Margaret Garner
1835-1842   Ohio Anti-slavery Society
1836-1843   The Philanthropist
1837   Case of the fugitive slave, Matilda
1840   Liberty Party, 1840: Thomas Earle
1842-present   Zion Baptist Church
1844   Economic Aspects of the Presidential Election of 1844
1845   Salmon P. Chase Commemorative Silver Pitcher
1845   Letter of Safe Passage and Certificate of Emancipation for Mungo Rust
1849-present   African American Freemasons
1854   Deed of Manumission for Burgis Lee
1856   Trial of Margaret Garner
1856-present   First Baptist Church of Walnut Hills
1858-present   Douglass School
1860   Warrant for Henry H. Ferguson vs. Madeline
1862   Black Brigade of Cincinnati
1862-1928   Richard L. Hunster
1865-1952   Wendell P. Dabney
1867-1930   I. Garland Penn
1867-present   Calvary Baptist Church
1870-1934   Frank A.B. Hall
1876-1936   Jennie D. Porter
1883-1930   Raymond G. Dandridge
1885-present   Trinity Missionary Baptist Church
1887-1987   In the Shadows: Cincinnati's Black Baseball Players
1888-present   First Baptist Church of West College Hill
1890-1930   The Status of the Negro in Industry and Occupational Opportunities in Cincinnati: Survey Abstract
1894-present   St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
1895-1985   Rev. Wilber A. Page
1896-1992   Loretta C. Manggrum
1987-1940   Educated Pioneers: Black Women at the University of Cincinnati, 1897-1940
1897-1982   Penn Zeigler
1900-1950   And They Came
1903   The Ohio Enterprise [newspaper]
1903-1976   DeHart Hubbard
1904-2003   Virginia Coffey
1905-2000   Theodore M. Berry
1912-1991   Dr. Lucy Oxley
1913-2014   William A. McClain
1914-1962   Colored Industrial School
1914-1962   Harriet Beecher Stowe School
1914-1977   Cincinnati Model Homes Co.
1915-present   NAACP Cincinnati Chapter
1919-1956   Y.W.C.A. branches
1919-1964   Woman's City Club: A Pioneer in Race Relations
1919-2002   Rev. L. Venchael Booth
1920-present   Marian A. Spencer
1920s-1930s   Negro Opportunities in Cincinnati
1920s-1970s   Charles P. Taft II Records
1921-1975   Ezzard Charles
1921-present   Revelation Baptist Church
1922-2011   Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth
1922-present   Immanuel Lutheran Church
1923-1952   The Union [newspaper]
1924-1940s   Health Clubs
1924-present   Chuck Harmon
1925   Toward Interracial Cooperation
1925-1950s   Shoemaker Clinic
1925-present   Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
1931-2013   William L. Mallory, Sr.
1933-present   Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority
1934-1981   Daniel J. Ransohoff Collection
1935   Tentative Program for Reducing Negro Crime in Cincinnati
1935-2004   Rev. James W. Jones
1938-present   Oscar Robertson
1940   Negro Business Directory
1940-1983   Institutional Racism
1940s-1969   Fellowship House
1940s-present   Leslie Isaiah Gaines
1942-1945   Evva Friason Turpeau Collection
1943-1965   Mayor's Friendly Relations Committee
1943-present   Nikki Giovanni
1948-present   Kathleen Battle
1948-present   Urban League of Greater Cincinnati
1950s-1960s   Housing Migration of Black Cincinnatians in the 1950’s and 1960’s
1950s-1960s   Bureau of Governmental Research, Inc.
1954-1974   The Black Struggle for Desegregated Quality Education
1955-1998   NIP Magazine
1960-1974   Migration and Racial Changes in Bond Hill and Kennedy Heights
1961-present   Cincinnati Herald
1965-present   Cincinnati Human Relations Commission
1966-present   Greater New Light Baptist Church
1967-present   College Hill Forum
1968   Poor People's March
1968-1977   Pride Magazine
1969   Response to the Central Committee of the United Black Association
1969-1970   Cincinnati Black Business Directory
1974-1988   The Struggle for Quality Desegregated Education beyond the Alternative School Program
1979   The Black Church in America: An Exploration in Cincinnati
1980-1981   Adeline Harris Collection
1984-present   Olivet Baptist Church
1987   CHRC Black Directory
1987   Beloved
1988-2001   Applause Magazine
1993   SuccessGuide Cincinnati/Dayton
1994   Race in Cincinnati
1996-2000   Tri-State Talk Magazine
1998   Njema Magazine
2001   Every Voice Counts

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